How to Play Tapuwae

I enjoy playing Tapuwae. I will explain to you how to play it.
First you need some positions and teams-non bibs and bibs. There are four positions: Defender, Shooter, Centres and Rovers.
Then you need the equipment to play it these are the things that you need: two balls, two cones and a court.
Once you’ve done that you need to know where you go. The small circle is where the cone goes and the Defender protects the cone from being knocked over. Outside the circle is where the shooters go. Outside that circle is where the Rovers go, outside that circle is where the centers go and on the other side it must reflect.

Next you need to know how to play the game. Tapuwae is an invasion game and you need your own space and concentration. First you pass it on to the Defender and they will try to pass it to the Rovers and they will keep on passing and your team Shooters will try to hit the cone.
Finally now that you know how to play Tapuwae, perhaps you can come and play with me.

The first day in year 4 I was so scared and excited at the same time, I was shaking like a dog that

just got drowned. My class number was 5d and my teacher was Mrs. Dale. I saw my friends Sophia, Zoe, and Bella. My teacher was very nice and comfortable with children.

I was up-stairs with the fresh air and had a great view I am going to have a great time in year 4!


This is my tagxedo for Native Trees

Disaster in Japan

During the afternoon on Friday 11th of March in the northen island of Japan , a big earthquake hit Japan which caused a tsunami, which had measured 8.9 om the Richer scale.

Cities and buildings got damaged a lot, boats had got brought to shore.

Alot of people passed out or got thrown by the waves of the tsunami and it is very sad that it has happened, please support and help the survivors.

Acrostic Poem

Reduce, Reuse,Recycle

Eco-friendly society

Clean the environment

You can help clean the earth

Compost wasted fruit and vegetables

Littering is bad!

I like to recycle

Never litter

Garbage can be reused

A description

The monster was big and furry.

It's fur was as fluffy as an orangutans.

It wore no clothes but only one left sock on its forehead.

It ate stag beetles and mushed up caterpillars.

The unicorn was pretty and friendly.

It's horn was as sharp as a knife.

It wore a pink tutu on its body.

It ate green grass and crunchy carrots.


Izzio is a very shy animal to others but she loves enjoying her friend Sadia. Izzio lives in a quite campground by herself, she has big rabbit ears to hear when her predators are coming, she waddles like a road runner bird with condor legs, but she can’t stand her moose antlers when they get stuck in tree branches. She doesn’t like the cold and frost in winter. She hibernates in a hollow tree with a soft nest. When it gets to hot she goes to a lake and sprays her self with her trunk. Her gorilla arms are powerful to swing through branch to branch or vine to vine. Her size is about two hands long. Her favorite things to do are swing, eat grapes and her best friend Sadia. Izzio is an omnivore and likes eating grapes, oranges, bananas, apples, pears, peanuts and juicy, delicious steak. Izzio is a joyful little girl and likes to not make friends.L